Cristian Greco

I was born in Grottaglie, the city of pottery and grapes, placed in the Southeast side of Italy, in May 1994. After attending the scientific lyceum in my hometown, I moved to Milan where I graduated cum laude in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Here, in addition to the regular theoretical curriculum, I was selected as a member of the ASPRI (Italian acronym for High Polytechnic School for Research and Innovation) honours program, which gave me the opportunity to experience practical laboratories and to attend complementary courses. In order to follow a more applicative path, I decided to move to the Netherlands to pursue an MSc in Space Engineering in Delft University of Technology. As part of the curriculum, I did a three-month internship at Aerospace Centre of Excellence, research laboratory of the University of Strathclyde, where I worked on the development of a novel shaping method for low-thrust trajectories, a semi-analytic approach to quickly estimate the transfer cost. After this successful experience, I decided to continue in the centre with an external MSc thesis “Variational Multiple-Shooting: Theory and Applications”, concerning the development of a high-accuracy tool for optimal control problems, which represented the numerical counterpart of the internship project. Having spent one year in Scotland, I had the opportunity to discover an outstanding country of wild beauty and friendly people. Also within the department itself, I had a great feeling with everyone from the very first day from both a personal and working perspective, sharing with them exceptional experiences like the “Hellish month” of the GTOC9, which we concluded with an exceptional result. For this reason, the will of continuing in the Aerospace Centre of Excellence came natural, and UTOPIAE is a great opportunity to match my desire to deepen further my mathematical and engineering knowledge while living in a stimulating, innovative and welcoming environment. Besides aerospace engineering, sport and culture are my biggest passions. I love football, a sport I have been playing as central back since I was 6 years old, taking part numerous times to the regional youth league, and I like tennis and running, activities I do as soon as I have a good opportunity. In my free time, I like reading, historic novels in particular, and I like watching TV series or dramatic movies. As a future resolution, I would like to continue studying astronomy and buy a telescope to actually observe stars and planets.