Prof Renato Tognaccini – Fluid Dynamics at the Dipartimento diIngegneria Industriale of the University of Naples Federico II

Renato Tognaccini is associate professor of Fluid Dynamics at the Dipartimento diIngegneria Industriale of the University of Naples Federico II.

renato-tognaccini-universita-di-napoliHe took the degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 1985, then, for seven years worked at Alenia,
the main Italian aerospace company.  During this period, for two years, he worked at NLR (the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory).  In 1992 he became staff research scientist at the University of Naples and, since 2001, he is associate professor.

He is currently lecturer of two courses at his University: Aerodynamics and Rotary Wing Aerodynamics.
His research activities are documented by more than 80 papers, most of them published on International Journals.

His main research interests are in Theoretical Fluid Dynamics, Computational and Applied Aerodynamics. He started his research activity in CFD working to the development of multi-block structured algorithms for compressible flows concentrating on stability analysis and convergence acceleration techniques. He proposed a nonlinear nonreflecting boundary condition for the wave equation. Subsequently he worked on the analytical derivation of exact solutions of Conjugate Heat Transfer problems. He has developed two methods for the analysis and decomposition of the aerodynamic force acting on bodies in steady and unsteady flows and studied the Vorticity Dynamics of rolling-up vortices. Recently proposed a method for modelling drag reduction devices (riblets) in
RANS solvers.

He lead research teams within research project funded by EU (AIRDATA, DESIREH, Clean Sky)
and is currently leader of the package dedicated to Drag reduction within Clean Sky 2 REG-IADP
research program.

Most recent publications:

Luchini, P., Tognaccini, R.,
Viscous and inviscid simulations of the start-up vortex
(2017) Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 813, pp. 53-69.

Mele, B., Ostieri, M., Tognaccini, R.
Vorticity based breakdown of the aerodynamic force in three-dimensional compressible flows
(2016) AIAA Journal, 54 (4), pp. 1198-1208.

Mele, B., Tognaccini, R., Catalano, P.
Performance assessment of a transonic wing-body configuration with riblets installed
(2016) Journal of Aircraft, 53 (1), pp. 129-140.

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