Meet our Experts


University of Strathclyde
Scientist in charge – Prof Massimiliano Vasile
Co-supervisors – Dr Christie Maddock and Dr Edmondo Minisci

Scientist in charge – Dr Pietro Congedo
Co-supervisors – Dr Olivier Le Maître and Prof Luc Giraud

Centro Italiano Richerche Aerospaziali
Scientist in charge –  Dr Domenico Quagliarella
Co-supervisors – Dr Catalano, and at University Federico II in Naples, Prof Renato Tognaccini and Prof De Nicola

Scientist in charge – Prof Carlo Poloni
Co-supervisors – Dr Mariapia Marchi and Dr Carlos Kavka, and from the University of Trieste, Prof Valentino Pediroda and Dr Lucia Parussini

University of Durham
Scientist in charge – Prof Frank Coolen
Co-supervisors – Dr Jochen Einbeck, Dr Louis Aslett and Dr Matthias Troffaes

Politecnico di Milano
Scientist in charge – Prof Alberto Guardone
Co-supervisor – Dr Giuseppe Quaranta

Jožef Stefan Institute
Scientist in charge – Dr Gregor Papa
Co-supervisor – Dr Peter Korošec

Technische Hochschule Köln
Scientist in charge – Prof Thomas Bartz-Beielstein
Co-supervisor – Prof Boris Naujoks

Ghent University
Scientist in charge – Prof Gert De Cooman
Co-supervisor – Dr Jasper De Bock

German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
Scientist in charge – Dr Stefan Görtz
Co-supervisors – Prof Dr Cord-Christian Rossow

Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Scientist in charge – Prof Thierry Magin
Co-supervisor – Prof Olivier Chazot

Associate Partners

Airbus Germany – Dr Thomas Engelbrecht
Airbus UK – Dr Sanjiv Sharma
Leonardo – Ing Massimiliano Di Muzio
National Physical LaboratoryProf Alistair Forbes
Stanford University – Prof Gianluca Iccarino
BURN Research group – Prof Alessandro Parente