utopia3UTOPIAE directly addresses some of the challenges of the LEIT objective under the Industrial Leadership pillar of Horizon 2020 in the areas of Transport, Advanced Manufacturing & Processing, Space. UTOPIAE will develop enabling technologies to improve quality and cost efficiency, ensure customer satisfaction and safety, provide new approaches to the certification of aerospace products and operations, develop systems resilient to crisis, reduce the vulnerability of users, and provide a more integrated approach to manufacturing, decision making, operations and systems.

UTOPIAE is timely because reliability of products, safety and optimality of systems (e.g. better mobility, less congestion, fast low cost manufacturing) are key to global progress. Furthermore, in the last decade, a number of projects, companies and research groups within and outwith Europe have demonstrated the need for the treatment of uncertainty in design and manufacturing and the integration of uncertainty and optimisation.

The research approach in UTOPIAE will be bottom-up, starting from new ideas and concepts addressing both existing and future problems given the increasing complexity of transport systems, the progressive reduction of resources and the increased need for resilience and reliability. One part of the research programme will be dedicated to improve, expand and further develop techniques that have already reached a good level of maturity (e.g. surrogate modelling, stochastic expansions, Bayesian inference).