Global Virtual Workshop II


The 2nd UTOPIAE Global Virtual Workshop (GVW-II) was organised by the Jožef Stefan Institute on 18–22 November 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The programme of the GVW-II consisted of the following lectures:

Keynote talk on Overview of UTOPIAE Project (Edmondo Minisci, University of Strathclyde)
Keynote talk on Real Time Optimisation Guidance in Space Applications (Cèlia Yábar Vallès, ESA)
Introduction to Algorithms ‐ Sorting (Nino Bašič, University of Primorska)
Introduction to Programming with Python (Luka Fuerst, University of Ljubljana)
Introduction to Mobile Sensing (Veljko Pejović, University of Ljubljana & Jožef Stefan Institute)
Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Computing (Uroš Lotrič, University of Ljubljana)
Cloud Computing (Aleš Zamuda, University of Maribor)
Full‐Stack Web Development (Dejan Lavbič, University of Ljubljana)
Introduction to Agile Software Development  (Dario Campagna, ESTECO)
Continuous improvement through scientific thinking (Dario Campagna, ESTECO)
Introduction to Test Driven Development, Part 1 (Dario Campagna, ESTECO)
Introduction to Test Driven Development, Part 2 (Dario Campagna, ESTECO)
How agile can impact on your work? (Dario Campagna, ESTECO)

Videos and PDF copies of the presentations can be found in the repository restricted to the UTOPIAE project members only.

The GVW-II was hosted alongside the 5th International Workshop on Optimisation in Space engineering (OSE5). The goal of the OSE initiative was to provide a forum for space companies, universities, research institutes and organisations to discuss recent advances in space technology and further research in the area of optimisation in space engineering.

The workshops were followed by the UTOPIAE Winter of Code competition, held in Trieste, Italy from 25–29 November 2019 and hosted by ESTECO.

Given the global importance of OUU and UQ, the involvement of global players is vital to expose researchers to current and future initiatives in other leading countries beyond Europe, such as the USA and Japan. GVW are a hybrid virtual workshop where interactive video links are established between a large number of groups/individuals worldwide. Each GVW is attended in person by all UTOPIAE members, hosted by one of the partners, this time JSI. Presentations are given both locally in person and remotely, can be viewed in real-time or through the web portal, allowing for time differences between countries.

The goal was to extend the discussion beyond the borders of Europe, and involving many more individuals than could be invited as visiting researchers thereby broadening the training experience of everyone involved. Given the bridge created by UTOPIAE, joining the fields of optimisation, optimal control, uncertainty, probability estimation stemming from mathematics, computer science and engineering, this is an unique opportunity to collect diverse players on a global forum.