OTS Programme

The programme for the week is listed below, with each day grouped into themes. The technical talks will range from introduction to the field at the start of the week, to details behind some typical methods and approaches, with the last few days introducing examples of industrial applications.

In addition to the lectures, there will two sessions looking at other complementary skills necessary to working in R&D, such as project and research planning and management.

Monday: Introduction

The day will cover details of the UTOPIAE network, research goals and work programme over the next 4 years, with lectures introducing the basic principles behind optimisation and uncertainty quantification.

Tuesday: Optimisation

The morning will look at more advanced optimisation techniques, while the afternoon will introduce optimisation under uncertainty and statistical methods.

Wednesday: Statistical methods

Introduction to imprecise probability (IP) theories and statistical modelling, and some applications.

Thursday: Optimisation under uncertainty with applications

Robust and reliability based design optimisation, model reduction and examples within the aviation sector.

Friday: Optimisation under uncertainty with applications

Uncertainty quantification methods in CFD and optimisation under uncertainty with imprecise probabilities.

Technical Programme

OTS Draft Schedule