Elisa Morales

My name is Elisa Morales. I am 24 years old and I was born in Madrid, Spain. Due to the fact that in Madrid there was all the facilities that I needed, I have always lived here.

After finishing the school, I decided to study the Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid. The main reason why I have decided to study at this university, among others, was the possibility of studying the complete Bachelor in English, which is, from my point of view, great advantage. Moreover, at the forth year of the Bachelor, the last one, I took the minor in Aerospace Vehicles and I enjoyed two important opportunities. The first was the collaboration with the Computational Fluid Dynamics research group of the Aerospace Engineering Department for the development of my Bachelor Thesis. During this period, my interest on researching was born, since I was able to better understand how a research group works. For the Thesis I developed an aerodynamic model to predict the aerodynamic force for flapping airfoils. The second great opportunity was the 3 month internship at Airbus Group. Furthermore, I was able to participate in the Airbus Seedbed Program, which is mainly focused on Soft Skills. During this program, we carried on a team work that I had the opportunity to present to the responsible of Airbus site at Getafe.

Once I finished my Bachelor, I took the decision of following my studies at the same university and I started the Master of Aeronautical Engineering. At the last semester, I enjoyed an Erasmus scholarship in Naples. At University Federico II of Naples, I developed my Master Thesis while doing an internship in the Industrial Engineering Department. This enhanced more my willingness of working on research. For my Master Thesis, I continued the study of flapping airfoils, but in this case it was developed an aerodynamic force formula based on the Lamb vector.

Regarding other aspects of my life outside my studies, I could say that the thing I like the most is travelling. I have travelled a lot since I was a kid. Moreover, I had the opportunity of spending part of my summers in England to improve my English. In addition, another thing very important on my life is music. In fact, I went, together with my friends, to the concerts of our favourites musicians.

Research output:

Elisa Morales Tirado, Domenico Quagliarella, and Renato Tognaccini. Airfoil optimization using far-field analysis of the drag force. In AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum, page 0972, 2019.

Lorenzo Gentile, Elisa Morales, Domenico Quagliarella, Edmondo Minisci, Thomas Bartz- Beielstein, and Renato Tognaccini. High-lift devices topology optimisation using structured-chromosome genetic algorithm. In 2020 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), pages 1–9. IEEE, 2020.

Domenico Quagliarella, Elisa Morales Tirado, and Andrea Bornaccioni. Risk measures applied to robust aerodynamic shape design optimization. In Flexible Engineering Toward Green Aircraft,pages 153–168. Springer, 2020.