Péter Zénó Korondi

Péter Zénó Korondi was born in Budapest in 1992. Currently, he is working at Esteco SpA. as an Early Stage Researcher while he is enrolled in the Industrial Engineering and Information Technology Ph.D. program of the University of Trieste. In the UTOPIAE project, he is elaborating on a collaborative engineering environment for multidisciplinary optimization under uncertainty.

He obtained his bachelor degree in Mechatronics from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2014. In his last semester, he moved to Germany with the Erasmus scholarship and wrote his thesis on optimal control theory in biorobotics at the Technical University of Munich. In his thesis, he worked on the mathematical modeling of human stand up motion and tailored the Differential Dynamic Programming algorithm to generate optimal trajectories for the human stand up motion.

After completing his bachelor, Zénó earned a two years long scholarship to carry out his master studies in Germany. During his master, he developed a passion for numerical optimization and his team won the International Student Competition in Structural Optimization in 2015. After attending the block course of the ATHENS Programme about crashworthiness and a seminar held by LSTC., he decided to write his master thesis on the topic of structural optimization for crashworthiness design. His thesis was discussing on a zeroth-order optimization algorithm, the so-called Hybrid Cellular Automata, to handle multiple load cases and multiple constraints.

Before joining the UTOPIAE project, he made a research internship at Siemens PLM Software in Belgium. During his work at the Vibro-Acoustic simulation group, he was elaborating on the Higher-Order Finite Element Method solver of the company and made developments on the adaptive order algorithm of the solver for acoustical problems.

Besides his scientific interest, he has an enthusiasm towards handball and other sports. In 2012, he was awarded the title of “Excellent Student, Excellent Athlete of Republic of Hungary” by the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary. Furthermore, he enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures. He is always open to meet new people and looking forward to working together with other highly motivated colleagues.