Dr Jochen Einbeck

je_barcaDr Jochen Einbeck is a methodological statistician with interest in nonparametric and robust statistical modelling under diverse and complex data scenarios, including high-dimensional and count data.
Dr Einbeck obtained his PhD in Munich in 2003, in the field of nonparametric regression, followed by a post-doctoral  position at the National University of Ireland, Galway, where his work focused on random effect models.  He took on a position as Lecturer at Durham University in 2006, and is Senior Lecturer since 2013.
His research activities at Durham have initially concentrated on nonparametric  methods for high-dimensional data, specifically the estimation of, and regression on, principal manifolds and related structures. More recently, he has devoted particular attention to the biomedical field, specifically mentioning radiation-dose estimation from biomarkers (such as chromosomal aberrations, gene expressions) and related uncertainty analysis.
Dr Einbeck is Associate Editor of Statistics – A Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics and Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, and member of the Executive Committee of the Statistical Modelling Society.
Key publications:
Oliveira, María, Einbeck, Jochen, Higueras, Manuel, Ainsbury, Elizabeth, Puig, Pedro & Rothkamm, Kai (2016). Zero-inflated regression models for radiation-induced chromosome aberration data: A comparative study. Biometrical Journal 58(2): 259-279.
Back, J.J., Barker, G.J., Boyd, S.B., Einbeck, J., Haigh, M., Morgan, B., Oakley, B., Ramachers, Y.A. & Roythorne, D. (2014). Implementation of a local principal curves algorithm for neutrino interaction reconstruction in a liquid argon volume. The European Physical Journal C 74(3): 2832.
Taylor, James & Einbeck, Jochen (2013). Challenging the curse of dimensionality in multivariate local linear regression. Computational Statistics 28(3): 955-976.
Einbeck, Jochen, Evers, Ludger & Powell, Benedict (2010). Data compression and regression through local principal curves and surfaces. International Journal of Neural Systems 20(3): 177-192.
Fried, Roland, Einbeck, Jochen & Gather, Ursula (2007). Weighted Repeated Median Smoothing and Filtering. Journal of the American Statistical Association 102(480): 1300-1308.