Dr Pietro Marco Congedo

Pietro Marco Congedo is a Research Scientist at INRIA, Team Leader of the Associate Team COMMUNES and Scientific Director of the CWI-INRIA International Lab.

The main objectives of his research are focused on the development of Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and robust optimisation methods and their application in the numerical simulation of real-gas compressible flows in the field of energy systems and aeronautics/aerospace applications.

UQ activities are mainly axed in two different topics. First one is more oriented towards methodological aspects concerning the study over the strict link between discretisation error and the influence of uncertainties for treating PDE under uncertainties. The targeted PDE-system is governed by some conservation laws, where a high resolution of shocks propagating in the coupled physical/stochastic space is required. The second family of methods of interest, are non-intrusive, i.e. the numerical solver is considered as a black box. As a consequence, this research axis is more focused to tackle black-box problems. On this aspect, I am particularly interested to provide solutions to some industrial needs. In this sense, methods should be able to treat problems featuring a very large number of uncertainties (order of hundreds) and a deterministic solver very expensive to evaluate, in order to get reliable estimation in terms of sensitivity analysis, building of metamodels, optimisation of design parameters, etc.

The second part of his research is focused on two main applications. The interest on the first, i.e. the physics of dense-gas flows and Organic Rankine Cycles systems for exploiting renewable energy, is a very long-term passion. His second targeted application is more recent (last four years) and concerns several activities in aeronautics/aerospace field, in particular on the atmospheric reentry problem (such as for example the reentry of a space vehicle) and in rotor design for helicopters.

He is the author of more than 60 publications in international journals and books. He is Editor of Mathematics and Computer in Simulation (MATCOM), Elsevier.

He is actively involved in several European and National Projects and industrial contracts with major companies from Aerospace field.